Drinking Water Source Protection

The Drinking Water Source Protection Program works to prevent the contamination of our municipal drinking water sources in the Greater Sudbury area including Ramsey Lake, the Vermilion River, the Wahnapitae River and 24 municipal wells.

The Source Protection Plan is a locally-developed, science-based Plan that meets the requirements of the Clean Water Act, 2006 by protecting sources of municipal drinking water from contamination. The vulnerability maps and Assessment Report provide the scientific basis for the Source Protection Plan.

The intent and rationale behind the policy decisions can be found in the Explanatory Document.


The role of the Nickel District Conservation Authority is to coordinate the protection of municipal drinking water sources from pollution by supporting a multi-stakeholder source protection committee. This committee has developed a municipal source water protection plan under the Clean Water Act, 2006.

Steps to developing the protection plan:

  • perform technical studies and assemble data to determine the state of our municipal sources of water;
  • identify and assess the threats to our drinking water;
  • develop a source protection plan to address the threats;
  • consult with municipalities and the general public at various stages throughout the development of this proposed plan;
  • submit the plan for final approval by the province.

Water affects all aspects of our lives and protecting our sources ensures that there is enough clean water for both our current and future uses in our community.

Together, let's protect our municipal water sources today!


News & Events

Section 36 Updates 

The Sudbury Source Protection Plan and Assessment Report are undergoing review and update. Click here to review proposed updates and to provide comments to the Source Protection Committee.   

 trust the tap logo

Trust the Tap commemorates the Walkerton Tragedy and discusses the advancement in water treatment and delivery over the past 20 years. Click here to read more   

Walkerton Tragedy Commemoration 

The Sudbury Source Protection Committee remembers the Walkerton Tragedy twenty years later. Read the press release here.

Third Annual Progress Report

The third annual progress report for the Source Protection Plan has been published. See it here.

Committee Member Appointments 

On April 9th the Sudbury Source Protection Authority appointed representatives for the Mining Sector, Development Sector, and Environmental Sector for a term of five years. A list of the current Chair and committee members is available here.

Our Planning Area

Greater Sudbury Source Protection Area Map

greater sudbury source protection area map

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