Environmental Compliance Approvals

Search a location to see if it is in a vulnerable area – that is, close to a municipal drinking water well or intake. In these areas certain land or water activities, if left unchecked, could pollute the water supply. 



By law, a business must have an environmental approval or registration from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change if it:

  • Releases pollutants into the air, land or water, or;
  • Stores, transports or disposes of waste

An environmental approval or registration sets out rules of operation for these activities that are intended to protect the natural environment and are legally enforceable.

Environmental Compliance Approvals now have a section that relates to Source Protection (Section 4.5 Source Protection/Drinking Water Threats). For projects requiring an Environmental Compliance Approval Application in the Sudbury Source Protection Area, please verify your location against these maps for initial screening. Source Protection staff can also help you properly complete this section, email us at sourceprotection@sudbury.ca.

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section4-5 ECA


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