Drinking Water Source Protection Committee

The Sudbury Source Protection Committee is currently looking for three representatives from the:

  • Economic Sector - mining, development, small business (2)
  • Other Interests Sector - NGO, public health, academia (1)

Share your perspective and help protect our local sources of drinking water. For more details and to fill out the application form please CLICK HERE.

This Committee has been created under the authority of the Ontario Clean Water Act, 2006. The Committee is overseeing a science-based planning process to develop an Assessment Report and a Source Protection Plan to protect sources of municipal drinking water in the Sudbury Source Protection Area.

swp commitee

The Committee, by regulation, consists of a Chair, plus 9 members representing a variety of sectors to encompass the broad, multi-sectoral interests of the planning area.

The purpose of developing a Plan is to protect current and future municipal drinking water sources including Ramsey Lake, the Vermilion River, the Wanapitei River and 24 municipal groundwater wells from known or potential contaminants. The Source Protection Committee is working to identify and assess risks to municipal drinking water sources. The committee has developed a local Source Protection Plan to reduce significant threats to these sources that was approved in September 2014 by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks. 

All committee meetings are open to members of the public.

If you have a municipal drinking water concern and/or you are interested in making a formal presentation to the Source Protection Committee during their meeting, please get in touch.

Please view the Public Protocols for attending an SPC meeting and providing comments or submitting questions.

To view the Rules of Procedure, Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy, click here.

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